# Date City Venue Other bands
96. 08/24/07 New York, NY Lit Lounge Hunting Party, Hot Panda
95. 08/23/07 Doylestown, PA Siren Records Hostages, Shutout, Ceasefire
94. 08/22/07 Lemoyne, PA The Championship Juvenescent Beat, Framed Innocent
93. 08/21/07 Baltimore, MD Charm City Art Space Risky Business, Energy, The New Dumb
92. 08/18/07 Marietta, GA Swayze's Grace Gale, They Came As Lions, Rome, On Paradise Boulevard, The Blessing The Curse
91. 08/17/07 Birmingham, AL Cave 9 Legion, Ex-Members of the Holy Union
90. 08/15/07 Gainesville, FL 1982 Bar Laserhead, To The Sirens
89. 08/14/07 Charleston, SC Cumberland's Crimson Orchid
88. 08/12/07 Boston, MA The Baseball Tavern Red Thread, Ape Shit, Alamo Basement
87. 07/07/07 Montreal, QC Le Local Hold A Grudge, The Wishlist
86. 06/09/07 Quebec City, QC Ninkasi du Faubourg The Sainte Catherines, Fifth Hour Hero, Dirty Tricks
85. 10/19/06 Quebec City, QC Café Bar l'Agité The Sainte Catherines, Everything Against Them
84. 09/29/06 Quebec City, QC Bar La Relève Each On Set, The Narrowcast
83. 08/04/06 Fort Smith, AR The Foundation Die Young
82. 08/03/06 Mesquite, TX Git'r Done Haus Livin', Back Stabbath
81. 08/02/06 Austin, TX Snake Eyes Livin'
80. 08/01/06 Laredo, TX Homerun Derby Livin', Skankrats, Kerplunk!
79. 07/31/06 Houston, TX Southmore House Livin'
78. 07/29/06 Birmingham, AL Cave 9 Die Young, Look Out, Spanish Bombs, Steel City Crime, Skeptic?
77. 07/28/06 Atlanta, GA 141 Moreland Ave Wrister, Die Benny, Down For The Count
76. 07/26/06 Tampa, FL Skatepark of Tampa Geri X, Whatever The Folk It Takes, Slug's Revenge, The Folkadots
75. 07/25/06 Gainesville, FL The Atlantic Ceaser & Godseeker, Young Livers
74. 07/23/06 Richmond, VA 4018 Cutshaw Tiger Shark, Razor Ramon
73. 07/22/06 Baltimore, MD Charm City Art Space Sick Sick Birds, Greasegun, Mission Statement
72. 07/21/06 Lemoyne, PA The Championship Verse, Have Heart, Shipwreck, Van Damage, Another Breath
71. 07/20/06 Altoona, PA Classic Attitudes My America Is Watching Tigers Die, Daggers Drawn, Dead Again
70. 07/19/06 Lakewood, NJ Think Tank House Endgame
69. 07/15/06 Quebec City, QC Bar Le Kameleon The Narrowcast
68. 04/01/06 Scott, QC Auberge de la chaudière The Sainte Catherines, Fifth Hour Hero, The Opposite, Jeffrey Lost Control, The Narrowcast
67. 03/26/06 Montreal, QC El Salon Paint it Black, Career Suicide, To the Lions
66. 01/14/06 Quebec City, QC L'Arlequin Mi Amore, The Aversions, Collapse
65. 01/06/06 Montreal, QC La Sala Rossa Cursed, Cancer Bats, Compton
64. 01/03/06 Trois-Rivières, QC Rock Café Le Stage Compton, Issue sixteen, They Sleep They Dream, September Is Falling
63. 11/29/05 Chico, CA Broken Glass House Gruk
62. 11/27/05 Victorville, CA Chinese Buffet Que des bons groupes!!!
61. 11/26/05 Escondido, CA Metaphor Cafe Hellfire Trigger, Dirt Bag
60. 11/24/05 San Antonio, TX Robert's Garage Cats and Dogs, Livin'... see flyer
59. 11/23/05 Dallas, TX Red Blood Club Hudson Falcons, Dog Company, Bloodline
58. 11/22/05 Houston, TX Southmore House Vitality, and their drummer's solo project
57. 11/21/05 Baton Rouge, LA The Darkroom Kylesa, Torche, Coliseum
56. 11/17/05 Atlanta, GA 1435 Vaughn St Fifth Hour Hero, Wrister
55. 11/15/05 Philadelphia, PA The Be Happy House Fifth Hour Hero, Belegost, Fifty Days at Ilium
54. 11/13/05 Lakewood, NJ Think Tank House Between the Wars, Glaciers, Wasteland... see flyer
53. 11/12/05 Harrisburg, PA The Stahl (Jeff's House) Affirmative Action Jackson, Sick Of Talk, Cult Classics, Last Sunset, Death Enthroned... see flyer
52. 11/11/05 Baltimore, MD Charm City Art Space A Warm Gun, Sick of Talk, Trash Camp... see flyer
51. 11/10/05 New Britain, CT Joaquin's Garage Second Class Citizen, When Freedom Dies...
50. 11/09/05 Burlington, VT 242 Main Lords, Ed Gein, Caracalla, Those Not On The List
49. 10/29/05 Jonquière, QC Moose Spring the Madcap, Bear Clawz, Royal Rumble see flyer
48. 10/08/05 Clermont, QC Chalet des loisirs The Narrowcast, Les Bretelles Maudites, The Opposite... see flyer
47. 10/01/05 Toronto, ON The Bagel The Narrowcast, The Dogs, Riot Brigade, Compton, Gunnar Hansen
46. 09/30/05 Port Dover, ON Masonic Hall The Narrowcast, Black-tie Knife Fight, Closed Casket Funeral, Compton, and a lot more... see flyer
45. 09/29/05 Peterborough, ON Grassroots Cafe The Narrowcast, The Jollys, The Havenots
44. 09/19/05 Rimouski, QC La Chanterelle Buried Inside, Mi Amore, The Narrowcast
43. 09/18/05 Ottawa, ON Cafe Decuff The Gorgeous, Cancer Bats, Cry Of The Afflicted, Drawn From Memory... see flyer
42. 09/16/05 Montreal, QC Café L'Inconditionnel The Narrowcast, Collapse of the sky, Neurastenik, December Strikes First
41. 09/14/05 Quebec City, QC Anti Skatepark Breather Resist, Coliseum, The Narrowcast... see flyer
40. 09/02/05 Lévis, QC Bienville Collapse, Monocycle... see flyer
39. 05/28/05 Eastbroughton, QC Bar Quelconque Show avec le fameux Soundman (surnommé Checksoundman) qui disait : "Bon les gars on va faire des CHECKSOUND... Baisse ton ampli tu es trop fort... Mes aiguilles de VU sont dans le rouges HAAAAAAAÂ!!!"
38. 03/25/05 Quebec City, QC Anti Skatepark No Warning, The Getaway, Never More Than Less
37. 03/19/05 Quebec City, QC 76 Pointe-Aux-Lièvres Black Cobra, Dead Assassins... see flyer1... see flyer2
36. 02/19/05 Ottawa, ON Club Saw Walk Aside, Take One for the Team, The Penske File, The Maloney Crew
35. 01/29/05 Jonquière, QC Chevaliers de Colomb Walk Aside, As They Fall, Right Way
34. 01/28/05 Clermont, QC Salle de l'âge d'or Disgrace, The Homeground, The Wastes... see flyer
33. 01/22/05 Baie St-Paul, QC Forum Jeunesse Nihyl, The Homeground
32. 01/21/05 Montreal, QC Café L'Inconditionnel My Revenge, Radical Attack, On the Outside
31. 01/08/05 Port Dover, ON Lenny's appartment Pardonmygoat... old flyer
30. 01/07/05 Toronto, ON Adrift Skatepark Cold World, Razzle Dazzle, Risky Business, Full Recovery, Fox on the Run
29. 12/20/04 Quebec City, QC Kashmir The Opposite, Wasted Sunday, A Tailormade Fable, Red Ink Letter
28. 11/28/04 Quebec City, QC Anti skatepark Mi Amore, The First Fire, Worth Dying For
27. 06/11/04 St-Georges de Beauce, QC Centre de ski St-Georges The Vice, Vision of the End, The First Fire... see flyer
26. 05/03/04 Quebec City, QC Kashmir Murphy's Law
25. 05/02/04 Lévis, QC Centre des loisirs de Bienville Cut the Shit, The Rites, Radical Attack, Walk Aside... see flyer
24. 05/01/04 Montreal, QC Café L'Inconditionnel Cut The Shit, The Rites, Walk Aside... see flyer
23. 04/03/04 Baie St-Paul, QC Forum Jeunesse Elpornos, Nihyl, Damyen... see flyer
22. 02/21/04 Quebec City, QC Anti Skatepark The Bonds, She Kills, As They Fall, Uniform Justice... see flyer
21. 02/14/04 Robertsonville, QC Chalet des loisirs MAP, 70 Cents Refund, The Opposite... see flyer
20. 01/29/04 St-Jérôme, QC Café d'en face Final Word, Pay The Price, Walk Aside, Jaws Of Life... see flyer
19. 12/20/03 Jonquière, QC Moose The Allstars, The Vice, As They Fall, xLA FAMILIAx, Knockout
18. 11/20/03 Lévis, QC Cégep Lévis-Lauzon The Awards, The Allstars... see flyer
17. 11/07/03 Quebec City, QC Anti skatepark Strike Anywhere, City of Caterpillar, Cheating on Sabrina... see flyer
16. 10/26/03 Drummondville, QC Boomer's Radical Attack, Walk Aside, Say No More... see flyer
15. 10/25/03 Trois-Rivières, QC Rock Cafe A Perfect Murder, The Allstars, The Payback, Walk Aside
14. 10/18/03 Rimouski, QC Chanterelle Fifth Hour Hero, The Awards
13. 09/08/03 Quebec City, QC Bar L'Échourie Cursed, Mi amore... see flyer
12. 07/27/03 Montreal, QC Foufounes électriques Out To Win, Radical Attack, A Taste For Blood, Nihyl
11. 07/12/03 Matane, QC Parc des îles Island Rock Fest 2003... see backstage pass
10. 06/15/03 Montreal, QC Foufounes électriques Blood Fest II
9. 05/31/03 Quebec city, QC Anti skatepark Death By Stereo, Downway, Revenge of the Egg People, The Opposite, Inner City Silence, Cheating on Sabrina... see flyer
8. 05/10/03 Trois-Rivières, QC Rock Cafe The Bonds, The Allstars, The Vice, Bullets Included, The Payback
7. 05/09/03 St-Georges de Beauce, QC LOT The Allstars, The Payback, The Vice
6. 04/26/03 Chicoutimi, QC Transit The Allstars, As They Fall, xLA FAMILIAx, Last Victims
5. 04/25/03 Quebec city, QC Anti skatepark Fifth Hour Hero, The Awards, The Allstars
4. 04/04/03 Rivière-du-loup, QC Entre-jeunes Heaviness of Raining Days, Bright Night Star
3. 03/25/03 Quebec city, QC Anti skatepark Strike Anywhere, The Explosion, The Exit... see flyer
2. 03/15/03 Ste-Marie de Beauce, QC Pub Le Julien Each On Set, The Opposite, Dead Letter Department, Jeffrey Lost Control
1. 02/22/03 Thetford Mines, QC Chevaliers de Colomb Oversight, 2fast4u, White Ass No Glory, Equalside, Fast Noise