Temporary Website (since 1981). We will have a new one someday, I promise. And we will try our best not to make myspace our official website. For those avoiding the aforementioned sexy gang bang internet community, here are two mp3s taken from "Talk of the Town", for your listening pleasure.




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////////March 21st///////////////

Tired of these old songs? Well, Commando is gonna have some new stuff ready for you in a couple months. Starting May 18th, the band will be recording five new songs that will appear on a 7" later this summer (i hope so). Topics to be covered are : Unity, Brotherhood, Stabs in the back, Sudoku, Final Fantasy XIII and more. So get ready for some heavy bro-core action.

We also have millions and millions of shows coming up for the summer. It's been a while but we're coming back juicier than ever. There has been no changes to the line-up but you might notice some differences. Anyway, we have plans to visit cities all around Quebec, Ontario and of course the United States, so check back for some tour dates!



////////September 4th///////////////

We've been having some problems with our ____@commandomusic.com email addresses recently so please use wearecommando@hotmail.com from now on if you need to contact us. This will get fixed eventually.

As for the band, we're planning a couple shows around the province in the months to come and we'll be writing new songs for the next record, the one that's really gonna make us the "talk of the town". Peace.



////////June 21st///////////////

Nouvelles pour les gens de Québec! Nous nous produisons en spectacle le 15 juillet. Tous les détails sont sur le flyer ci-bas. Je tiens à mentionner que ce show aura lieu quelques jours avant notre départ pour les États-Unis. Venez nous dire aurevoir. De plus, si la tendance se maintient, il est fort probable qu'on ne rejoue pas à Québec avant 4 à 5 mois question d'y garder une moyenne de 3 shows par année maximum. Alors, POINTEZ-VOUS!!!!!

- Brett


////////June 9th///////////////

New pictures are up. See the live shots section below.

By the way, we have a new bassplayer since january. His name is Francis Gagnon also known as "l'ami des filles". Here's a picture of him trying to look like a girl:

P.-s.: As some of you probably already know, I've been doing a lot of flyer art recently. Take a look at some of my work by clicking here. Feel free to leave positive or negative feedbacks



////////June 4th///////////////

The dates for our upcoming US tour are up! And we can't wait to be back on the road again. There are still some blanks to fill, so dont hesitate to contact us if you can be of any help where we need it.

Come and see us sometime,



////////December 13th///////////////

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've got a lot of news for y'all (guess I spent too much time in Texas). First of all, our debut full length "Talk of the Town" is out in stores today! Check at your local independent record store and request it if they don't already have some copies. Our album should be available everywhere in US and Canada within the next few weeks. You can also buy it from Cyclop Media, Interpunk, Mordam Records, other cool websites probably, and from us naturally.

Also, we just got back from a month long US tour, and we totally had a blast there. Thanks to everyone who was involved : promoters, sweet bands we played with, people who gave us a floor/couch to crash on, those who came to our shows, everyone. I'll make a list soon so I don't forget anyone, I just wanted to make it a quick update for now.

As many of you already know, the tour ended in an almost-dramatic way. We had an accident near Winnemucca, Nevada on our way back home on Interstate-80. The van was a complete loss, but we were able to recover most of the gear and merch, and fortunately we're still alive. We got stuck in a shitty casino town with our gear in a motel room for two days until we were able to rent a minivan to get back home with everything. To all the bands that wanna tour someday: beware of those "icy bridge" signs. They look funny when you're in Texas, but up north it's a whole different story. Fuck Nevada (Las Vegas looks cool though). Anyway, the best way to help us recover our losses for now is to get your hands on our CD! We have a couple local shows coming up in January, so please come and check us out if we're near you. Keep loving,



////////October 21th///////////////

Avis aux gens du Saguenay on fait un spectacle dans votre région la fin de semaine prochaine. Toutes les infos sont sur le flyer ci-bas. C'est un spectacle d'halloween, donc par l'halloween on entend "on se déguise" SVP. Les Kings du ska core Spring the Madcap seront aussi là pour faire des covers de Link 80 et du Bruce Lee Band.

I've posted the dates for the USA tour. Kenny is still working on a few dates and there are several places where we could use some help. Check out our schedule and if you think you can help, please email us! : booking@commandomusic.com. We also printed some special limited edition shirts for the tour. See images below. Make sure to pick one of these when we'll hit your town.

ALright come on let's go "snap pis bourdonne"!



////////October 15th///////////////

Just a quick update to mention that WE FINALLY HAVE THE CD TALK OF THE TOWN! We have pictures to prove it! (thanks to my new camera) You'll be able to get a copy at our next shows. If you can't afford the wait, order your copy now via the band. They are $12(CAN) postage paid each (sorry we'll ship only to Canada). Send your money to :

Vincent Breton
3320 Ch. St-Louis
Québec, QC, CANADA
G1W 1S3

See ya!


////////October 5th///////////////

We're back from our weekend in ontario. We had a great time there. By far the best tour we ever had, great turnout at every show. Made a lot of new friends (Compton, Riot Brigade, The DOGS, The Rolling Stones, The Havenots, U2 and Pardon My Goat. We also really want to thank our good friends in The Narrowcast for sharing this incredible experience with us (and also showing us directions when we ran out of batteries on our GPS!). We're really looking forward to return in Ontario soon.

We plan to leave for the United States on November 4th. More details are coming soon. We're also supposed to get the New CD this week. I'll post something about that as soon as possible!.

Buy our merch!

Available threw mailorder directly from the band. Drop us a line if you're interested. They are 10$ CAN each.

////////September 27th///////////////

If you didn't already know, our debut CD "Talk of the town" is coming out on December 13th on Cyclop Media. The artwork has been made by notorious Yohan Gingras (evilpupil.com). We're supposed to receive some advanced copies maybe this week (or next week). We hope to have them for next weekend shows in Ontario. We also have an ecard for those who can't afford the wait.

We're currently planning on doing a release show for the Quebec City Area in late October. Kenny is also working hard on our US tour in November/December. We already have a couple dates, but still need a lot more so if you wanna help you can email : booking@commandomusic.com.
We'll post some of it pretty soon.




First Francis Show in Montreal with Paint it Black. March 2006

Guillaume Mailloux Last Show with Miamore/Collapse/The Aversions

Pictures while we were performing as a power trio in San Antonio on November 24th 2005.

Here are pictures taken while we were performing at The Bagel in Toronto on October 1st 2005.

Quebec City Anti Hall, sometime in September 2005.



1ST DEMO 2003
First Press: only 99 were made (sold out)

Second Press: only 50 were made (sold out)

Shan's press: if you own this you're probably Shan!

(Self released in March 2003)

2ND DEMO 2003
150 Were made!

(Self released in September 2003)

150 were printed in two different cover colors:


(Self released in April 2004)


(Available Through Cyclop Media. Released on December 13th 2005.)



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